The Ben Franklin Academy Book Drive.

Star-C Programs is always honored to benefit from surrounding schools and other organizational programs that take pride in giving back to the community. Recently, the Ben Franklin Academy’s Philanthropy Club supported us by hosting a book drive. The book drive was led by Adele McLees, who is a senior at Ben Franklin Academy and a frequent volunteer at Star-C’s afterschool program.  Working together, the Philanthropy Club members collected 100’s of books. The book drive started back in October 2017, shortly after our very own Audrea Rease, Executive Director, paid a visit to the Philanthropy Club at the Ben Franklin Academy.  She shared with them the story of who Star-C Programs serves and what Star-C Programs offer to the community.

For many of the children enrolled in our afterschool program, English is not their first language, so these books will be very beneficial. Once they complete their homework, they can choose a book to read, which helps them to strengthen their English language skills.

In addition to collecting the books, some members of the Ben Franklin Academy Philanthropy club spent the afternoon with the kids, helping with homework and reading aloud to them as they sat in small groups, eager to hear the stories and see the illustrations that went along with the book.

We greatly appreciate Ben Franklin Academy’s efforts and the support of the broader community for Star-C’s after-school program.  They give us the tools to keep investing in our children’s education, allowing them to become more successful.

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