Meet the Board of Directors

Star-C’s Board of Directors is committed to building healthy, positive changes for those living at or above the poverty threshold.

Star-C's Ashish Bagle

Ashish Bagle
Development Associate
TriBridge Residential

Star-C's Brian Bollinger

Brian Bollinger
Head of Communications
Green Building Holdings

Star-C's Duncan Gibbs

Duncan Gibbs
TriStar Real Estate

Star-C's Frances Davis

Frances Davis
Community Leader

Star-C's Darion Dunn

Darion Dunn
Managing Partner
Atlantica Properties

Star-C's Mike Minor

Mike Minor
Chief Executive Officer
United Healthcare

Star-C's Lianne Epstein

Lianne Epstein
LME Art + Design

Star-C's Barbara Guillory

Barbara Guillory
Level Blend Consulting

Star-C's Ryan Mills

Ryan Mills
Cohn Reznick

Star-C's Jon Rosenthal

Jon Rosenthal

Star-C's Kaitlyn Ross

Kaitlyn Ross
Lead Enterprise Reporter
11Alive News

Star-C's Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy
Community Leader
Cobb County

Star-C's Richelle Patton

Richelle Patton
Collaborative Housing Solutions

Star-C's Frank Wickstead

Frank Wickstead
Managing Partner
Jones Pierce Structures

Star-C's Sue Sullivan

Sue Sullivan
Board Member Decatur YMCA
Real Estate Agent

Star-C's Audrea Rease

Audrea Rease
Executive Director, Star-C Partner,
TriStar Real Estate

Star-C's Margaret Stagmeier

Margaret Stagmeier
Founder and Board Chair,
Star-C Partner, TriStar Real Estate

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