Our Mission

The mission of Star-C Programs is to reduce resident transiency in affordable housing communities and nearby schools, provide academic support for children and ultimately improve the quality of life for the individual and the neighborhood.

Star-C Marjy Stagmeier

Tackling The Education and Housing Crisis For Good!

Star-C tackles the challenges faced by low-income Americans by offering affordable housing programs and comprehensive support services since 2014. Through stable housing and accessible resources, we empower individuals and families to thrive, fostering stronger communities and brighter futures.

How Important is Transiency?

Transiency, or frequent student movement from one learning environment to another, significantly impacts underperforming schools, often exacerbated by the shortage of affordable housing. With each move, students forfeit three months of the nine-month school calendar, crucial learning time that is challenging to recover once lost.

Star-C Success Story

Landlord reduces crime 96% in Cleveland Avenue community | Crime solutions
By Katilyn Ross and Makayla Richard — 11Alive – May 23, 2022

To accomplish our mission, Star-C partners with conscientious landlords who are committed to providing well-maintained, affordable housing for working families, many of whom live near the poverty line. This “community-centered model” results in decreased transiency for apartment communities and schools, establishes strong bonds within communities, decreases expenses for families, and provides education support through free after-school and summer programs for elementary students.

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