“Throwback Thursdays”!! National Dental Health Day.


d-john-2.jpgFebruary is known an National Children’s Dental Health month. We decided to bring awareness by offering the kids who participate in the Star-C after-school program “a day at the dentist” on site at Willow Branch Apartments. A good friend, Dentist and Orthodontist, Dr. John Clinebell volunteered his services to give our kids some insight on why dental health is so important. Dr. Clinebell gave a presentation and taught the kids why we brush our teeth and the proper way to brush our teeth. His lesson also included a game where the kids identified different foods and if that item was good or bad for their teeth. As Dr. John Clinebell ended his lesson, he allowed the kids to tap into their creative side. They participated in a project where they had a chance to decorate new cups that would hold their new toothbrushes. This project encouraged the kids to reflect their personality as well as create something that will keep them excited about practicing the new dental health skills they just learned, daily.


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