LaTonya Mesidor New Site Director at Stratford Ridge Apartments

Meet LaTonya Mesidor – New Site Director at Stratford Ridge


My name is LaTonya Mesidor, and I will be your new Site Director for Star-C at Stratford Ridge Apartments.  It is a great pleasure to be a part of this community and to have the opportunity to serve you and your children. I am excited for this upcoming school year and looking forward to building new relationships and connections with you. Little background on me, I graduated from Indiana State University. I majored in Human Development and family studies I was a Private PreK Lead Teacher for 6 years. The last 3 years I worked as a Paraprofessional in the Cobb Country School system. I am an identical twin, and my older sister is Katia Bowers your old Site Director. She has shared so many great things about the community and your beautiful families.

 For the most part the program will operate the same as before. Your student must be enrolled at Brumby for the face-to-face option if they want to attend our afterschool program. We will operate on the same schedule as Cobb County Schools. If school is out, we are closed. For example, if there is a teacher workday, we will not be open. We will also be in session for early release days. I will be at the bus stop every afternoon to get all registered students off the bus. Our program will run until 5:30p. We will continue to provide a snack, help with homework, social emotional activities and programs, and of course fun events and gatherings. There will be a monthly newsletter sent out to each parent with more details moving forward. We will also provide health programs and community outreach opportunities for the whole property. Finally, we will partner with the school and local partners to provide other wrap around services and resources.

Partnering with Parents is key our desire is to not only help provide a safe place for your children to be after school, but to get the help they need with schoolwork. As we work to equip your children with the help, they need we ask that you partner with us by double checking homework, reading every night, and signing all homework / behavior logs.

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