Star-C Volunteer

The Heart of a Star-C Volunteer!

Star-C is a fun and interactive experience for everyone including volunteers, the leaders, and the students. I have not seen an after-school center put so much care and love engaging the children who participate. Volunteering at Star-C has changed me as a person. I feel as if I’ve become more responsible inside and outside because of my volunteer role. My connection with not only the students but the leaders and other volunteers have become relatively closer and so impactful.

There are multiple games that I can enjoy along with the students whether it be playing outside or inside activities. Normally, when it’s time, I help some of the children with their homework. I get the chance to help mold and transform any problems they may have with their schoolwork. I’ve found it incredible how our small yet dutiful efforts have helped so many children with their schoolwork and sometimes behavior. Spending time at Star-C I, have never felt more successful as a person. I’m extremely grateful for having found and met the people here. I’m even more thankful for the opportunity to make a difference.

Volunteers are the backbone of what Star-C does with the wrap around programs in the communities we serve. We are beyond thankful for the level of commitment to serve that is shown by the volunteer team members. It is refreshing to hear the expressions of satisfaction from a dedicated volunteer like Kinaya. This volunteer comes straight to the community center when she leaves her high school. She is a great assistant who enjoys helping others with homework, passing out snacks, reading to students and so much more. Kinaya volunteers because she believes that it is important to be an example for the next generation. Engaging youth in volunteer service helps to develop a sense of citizenship and leadership. Star-C is so appreciative and thankful for our volunteers.

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