Star C Summer Camp 2017!

       If you have ever been to camp, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear about the benefits that the summer camp life gives you. For instance you spend your day being physically active, you connect or reconnect with nature, and you learn social skills and one of my favorites you make new friends. Here at Willow Branch our kids have the ability to connect with each of these benefits and then some. This week June 5th kicked off the first day of camp and they were all super excited. Before the fun began Allie (our Star C Program director) went over all of the activities and the rules that would take place throughout the course of the summer. The Star C kids would participate in outdoor games like four squares; have a learning corner where they pick a book of their choice and read to a camp volunteer or an older peer of theirs, and fun food activities that are also considered learning tools. They have marshmallows and fruit loops and they have to build a rainbow, where they identify the colors along the way and once they complete their project they can eat them! I couldn’t tell who was more excited me or the kids, Star C summer camp of 2017 will be a blast!!

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