“Express Yourself”!

Although many of us may have doubts about our writing, the truth is deep down we are all writers. When we write it allows us the chance to express ourselves in the most free forum. This is exactly how we want our children here at Willow Branch in the after school program to feel. Through a small writing activity that they participate in weekly, they are allowed to freely express themselves through short stories fictional or not, poems and or essays. We thought you would enjoy this as much as we have so we have chosen to share some stories with you!

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The Battle 

By Yonas Chapi 3rd grade

Once upon a time there were 2 boys named Jack and Jake and they were twins. They were 12 years old and they lived in Egypt in a pyramid. They had friends named Jimmy and Jay Uso and the dad name was Rikishi. There was a group of wrestlers named the Wight family and the Athurity. One day the Wight and the Athuritys had a Isra to wrestle Jack, Jake, Jay and Jimmy. When they were wrestling they were fighting hard for almost a day. Then finally Jack, Jake, Jimmy and Jay won the match then the other team ran as fast as the can. So then the other team went home and all ate ice cream sundaes to celebrate. The team that lost was so mad they all turn red then they said “we will get you”.

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By: Ngiang Cing 4th grade

In a way I know love. Love is different things. Love can hurt and break anything but not God’s love. But sometime love can be good like helping people to find who they love and who they care about. Good love brings you together but bad love keeps you away from each other. Love is anywhere too. Love is there when it is a birthday, holiday, and an anniversary. Love also comes and goes. Love comes when you need it and when you need it you can ask God to help you and God can help you. But love goes when you are mad. Love is something good and love is sometimes special. Try to have love.

 Golden Ticket

By: Ngiang Cing 4th Grade

If I find a gold ticket the news reporters might say I am nice and I help some people and I want to help the Earth. It would be really fun to find a golden ticket but what I really want is to be with my family that is what I only want even if I found a golden ticket. They would say I care about my family everywhere I go even if I am not with them. I will love my family forever. I love my family and I love everyone in the world.

We love their creativity and are so proud of them!

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