COVID Progress

It’s a New Day!

Although we are not over the hump with COVID yet, we feel good about the way things are feeling right now. We are thankful for the beautiful weather we’ve had because it’s a reminder that there is sunshine after the rain. Our kids have had to endure months of social isolation, social distancing and not to mention masks and virtual school. Being back at school has been great but without all of your friends and all of the  new rules, it has been difficult. However, the last few week have been different. There is a twinkle in their little eyes that has been so sweet to see. All they can talk about is how excited they are to be able to take their masks off and play outside again. Our hearts break because many of us have forgotten how the children have been affected by the way COVID has altered our lives. Our children need attention, connection, touch, and most importantly sunlight. We have been outside every day this week and plan on eating and doing homework in nature moving forward because it’s the only place we can be free in this season. No masks and limited restrictions when we can just sit outside and play. Something that I have loved hearing the kids share is how much they can’t wait until all of this is over. They are ready to see their friends again in person! I love hearing them talk about all the things they will do and all the places they want to go. I love how positive they are through all this. I’m encouraged by their joy and even more by their love for freedom. I want to think more like children because maybe the lens I see the world through would be less foggy. It’s the simple things in life that bring the most joy and we are here for it!

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