The EducationDIVE!

We can’t keep all this exciting press to ourselves! Star-C Programs and our founder, Mary Stagmeier, continue to be recognized as examples to the community on how “housing can be a positive pathway to achieving better school outcomes.”

On a Friday afternoon, Linda Jacobson of EducationDIVE visited Willow Branch Apartments in hopes of seeing how the Star-C Programs work on a day to day basis. Jacobson learned the after-school program consists of 80 children, where Allie Reeser, the program director, conducts study sessions to help with homework, practicing skills, or on that day, she treated the kids to watching an educational movie called “Because of Winn Dixie.” In the article, Linda Jacobson explains how Marjy Stagmeier realized the relationship between education and housing and how these two impact the overall school performance and the performance of the children within these schools. To learn more about how Stagmeier plans to conquer the issue, check out the full article in EducationDIVE.

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