Star-C's "Smarter Summer Program"

Willow Branch Kids Benefit from “Smarter Summer Program”

This summer the kids at Willow Branch have been doing summer learning activities to try and combat summer learning loss. Some of these activities were provided through the “Smarter Summer Program”, a curriculum written by teachers at Indian Creek Elementary. The kids have been provided with reading passages, math worksheets and science experiments. They have learned about reading maps and compared and contrasted Superman vs. Wonderwoman. Every Monday the kids learn a new character trait. We have learned about determination, cooperation, curiosity, respect, responsibility and courage. When we learned about respect we talked about what it looks like to respect your elders, your peers and your self. While learning the word curiosity, students wrote a list of things they are curious about and we tried to research and learn about that subject. These words have not only expanded student’s vocabulary but have expanded their character as well. Learning new words about character traits allows us to talk about the importance of those traits and the way we exhibit them in every day life.

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