Reading….is fun!

When it comes to reading, I believe most don’t give enough credit to what impact of books and reading have on an individual. Books and reading offer experiences through the context, develops imagination and creativity, is a versatile option for entertainment, and one of my favorites, improves your writing skills. With generous community donations of all types and levels of books, the children who attend the after-school program hosted by Star-C programs can experience this. To keep their reading experiences interesting, Allie Reeser our after-school program director at Willow Branch Apartments, has come up with a book point system. Each book located in the Star-C Programs library is assigned a point value, which is noted inside each of the books with stickers. Once the book is read by the students, they must complete a book report referencing the name of the book, how many points the book contains, the plot of the book and one of their favorite parts of the book. Once the student has presented their book repot, Allie awards them the points from the book they have completed.  They can continue earning points with every book/book report they complete.  Eventually with the points they have earned so diligently, they can use them the after-school program store to purchase healthy snacks, candy and small school supplies. This program not only encourages our kids to keep reading, but it gives them a sense of self-improvement, because with every book/book report they complete, they feel accomplished!

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