Partners in Purpose – Part I by Kristin Hemingway



Since I’ve been back with Star-C, I have rediscovered one of my greatest joys as a nonprofit professional. The ability to partner with schools and parents as true allies for making the most of education for the students that we care so deeply about. It has been and always will be a highlight of the roles that I have possessed to become a part of a child’s village.

In both of my most recent previous jobs I was able to build deep and meaningful relationships with school administrators and staff to make sure that we were surrounding the students that I was privileged to serve with the care and support necessary for them to achieve success both in and out of the classroom. My current opportunity to do this in partnership with Cleveland Avenue Elementary School is honestly one of the highlights of my current position. Three times in my career, I have had administrators completely open to the vision and the work that I was being tasked with as I sought to increase student achievement and social and emotional development. However, there has been something uniquely special about this opportunity with Cleveland Avenue Elementary. They have not just invited me into their school to partner with them, they have willingly and excitedly come to our property to be a part of what we are doing outside of their campus.

Under the leadership of Dr. Anyee Payne, the staff has welcomed me into their meetings as well as their classrooms. They have allowed me to assist in small ways and become a part of the Cleveland Avenue family because they understand that in working together we can create environments that promote the thriving of these tiny humans that have been placed in our care in this season. They help me to remind others that partnership is not only about what you can get, but more importantly about what you can give in the process. So yes, I have been able to share the Star-C vision with the staff so that they are informed about the services that we will be providing to the tiniest of residents in our apartment community, but this introduction also fostered a warm and welcoming environment that has received me with open arms any and every time that I have made my way through the doors of this sacred institution.



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