Oh Halloween…..!

It seems like no matter where you live Halloween is the most observed spooky celebration every year.  It’s kind of a big deal! The excitement comes from the extravagant decorations, the creative costumes and the candy, of course!

Halloween allowed the kids in Star-C’s after-school program to take a break from the norm and jump into their creative zone. The kids could express themselves by dressing up as their favorite characters/ icons, make masks and eat candy. While this was all fun and games, Allie (Star-C at Willow Branch’s program Director) made sure to still implement a valuable lesson on this day. As a result, the kids were taught and practiced the safe way to go trick- or- treating, stay in groups, holding each other’s hand and having your parents check all your candy before you get to eat it all up. Like all the new lessons they learn and activities the kids get to participate in, they enjoyed themselves and were shouting about what to do for Halloween next year!

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