GA Power & S.T.E.M!

Georgia Power has been dedicated to improving and strengthening education to help the students within their communities.  On Wednesday October 3, 2018, Georgia Power volunteers joined the children at Star-C’s after school program at Willow Branch Apartments in Clarkston. Some of their staff came to share their time and participate in some STEM activities (science, technology, engineering and math).  The activities involved different station set-ups, giving the kids visuals of what the company does and how Georgia Power is operated.  For example, two of the stations were made up of hand cranks showing how electricity works, and the process of what makes a light bulb come on. Another station was made up of a small hand cranks where the kids connected wires to make a fan turn. Another station set-up was outside where they used solar panels to create electricity. The last station was a lesson about what materials are conductors of electricity. The children rotated through the stations and got to experiment and explore the different equipment. Through these programs, Georgia Power hopes to influence generations of students to think critically and to be excited about careers in science and technology.

On behalf of Star-C Programs, we would like to thank Georgia Power for all their community efforts

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