Education & Medicine: The Dynamic Duo

After our residents attended the Oakhurst health screening and scheduled their physicals, we also scheduled them to attend a health education class. At Star C, we believe that education and medical care go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. BP(11)

Nurse Practitioner Rebekah Stewart Schicker presented a lesson last week about the basics of high blood pressure: signs and symptoms, risk factors, treatment and prevention. BP(19)

After an interactive session of Q&A, each participant also learned his/her BMI (Body Mass Index), and Becky advised them on what a healthy weight would be for each person. BP(15)



We completed paperwork and scheduled remaining residents waiting for physical appointments.


The majority of the participants are uninsured and will go to Oakhurst Medical Center. We are thrilled about the enthusiasm and initiative in each of these residents in pursuing preventative healthcare. BP(38)BP(14)

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